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Emily Kuang

PhD Student and Researcher

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I am a PhD student in the Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences at Rochester Institute of Technology and a member of the Center for Accessibility and Inclusion Research (CAIR). I am honored to be a recipient of the 2023 Google PhD Fellowship in Human-Computer Interaction!

My research explores the intersection of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and User Experience (UX). I design, evaluate, and improve human-AI collaborative tools to support usability and UX analysis. Other topics that I investigate include how to infuse accessibility into computing courses and how to make technology more accessible for older adults and blind and low vision people.

If you would like to talk about my work or get connected, don't hesistate to send me an e-mail or connect via LinkedIn.

Recent News
  1. Oct 2023: I received the 2023 Google PhD Fellowship in Human-Computer Interaction!
  2. Aug 2023: I completed my UX research internship at Meta Reality Labs in Seattle!
  3. Apr 2023: I presented 2 papers and 1 poster at CHI 2023 in Hamburg, Germany!
  4. Oct 2022: I attended the AI@RIT Summit and presented a poster!


  • Education

  • PhD - Rochester Insitute of Technology

    2020 - present

    Program: Computing and Information Sciences

    Advisors: Dr. Kristen Shinohara and Dr. Mingming Fan

  • BASc - University of Waterloo

    2015 - 2020

    Program: Biomedical Engineering

    Graduated with Distinction - Dean's Honour List



Using creative and systematic approaches to understand people and build future human-technology partnerships

User-Centered Design

Starting from the human perspective to reach usability goals and invent new solutions. Check out my course project Pasatiempo!

Software Development

Developing applications and research prototypes through programming in Python, Matlab, Java, JavaScript and more


Always open to meeting younger students for coffee and bubble tea (or virtual) chats about school and extracurriculars